Review: Indochino -- Three-Piece Suit

Indochino is perhaps the most well known of the inexpensive, online MTM shops. Like most of them, it employs overseas tailors to do the work so they can pass on the savings to the customer. I won't get into the politics of that right now though. They have marketing all over the place. I don't think anyone's been on a website without seeing their ads at least once. They make it very enticing with their website design and philosophy and all.
Long story short, I decided to give them a try since they had a worry free return policy (more on that later) and they offered a significant clothing blogger discount of 40%. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. While I did expect a more fitted and modern silhouette, I didn't expect basic measurements to be off by inches or for style details to be wrong or simply badly done by any standard.

Long story elaborated...
  • Rise was way off from what I indicated. They gave me the freedom to specify a rise measurement. I had hoped they would do that. Instead the waistband sat three inches below my navel, enough to be mostly exposed underneath the waistcoat. They could have at least emailed me to say they were uncomfortable with or couldn't fulfill my request for a longer rise (but again, the measurement form gave me the freedom to specify what I wanted).
  • Because of the low rise, the outseam measurement was thrown out of whack and the legs were too long.
  • "Natural shoulders" option is described as "opt for a lower amount of shoulder padding" which is quite reasonably what I think of as the definition. It should actually be "no shoulder structure or padding whatsoever." It's like they just forgot it entirely.
  • "Side tabs" option is more like "cheap zipper adjusters you'd find on a tuxedo rental." 
  • Brace (suspender) buttons on the waistband were specified, but I only found four. Not sure what I was supposed to do with that, given that all braces need six buttons -- two in the back, four in the front.
  • Belt loops were on the waistband even though I did not ask for them.
  • Sleeves were too short by a full inch.
  • Fabric was nothing as it appeared on the website in close up pictures. Maybe they ran out of the original fabric and got something as close as possible without updating the pictures.
  • Return shipping cost me nearly $30 to Canada. I was willing to eat that cost, except that they took almost two weeks to refund my money AFTER they received the package. They didn't even notify me that they had received my return until after I tracked the shipment and emailed asking what the frak was taking so long! I was almost worried it had gotten lost in shipping.
Now, I realise there are many happy owners of Indochino suits. I won't deny them their happiness and they are free to like their suits if they think it was money well spent. However, I think they hold clothes to a different standard than me. If they want fashionable suits with a 10" rise and fabrics that look okay and somewhat close to the website photos, then they can have them. As it stood, however, I knew I wasn't going to be happy with this suit no matter how much they tried to correct it. Sometimes you just know. So goes my little experiment.


  1. interesting comment - not the first one I have seen that is more on the negative side. it sometimes really takes time to get that perfect fit - and patience. don't expect your first suit to fit fine!

  2. That's not the problem Lorenz, if you read everything I had a problem with. It's not something as trivial as jacket length being a bit long or short or amount of fullness in the fit.

    Sometimes you just know when you'll never be happy with a product.

  3. Sooooo, can you suggest alternatives?

  4. Nothing I can personally recommend. I wasn't very happy with the only other MTM suit I got online. However...

    Proper Suit is a big competitor to Indochino and a friend of mine reports on them favourably. They seem to have higher quality (reflected in the cost) and better quality control. On the other hand, I had two friends say they liked Indochino. Not to be mean but they're generally easier to please and not as big into clothing as I am.

  5. I appreciate your frankness, here. If you find a suit vendor that you really like, then please inform us of the details.


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