Kiel James Patrick

Help me out here... why do Trads hate this company so much? Maybe wristbands aren't really their style but there are certainly worse things young people could wear... and, unfortunately, do.

The belts don't look too bad, though they may be a little on the pricey side. In any case, it's made in the States. That's something at least. (Though some companies with products made in the USA capitalise on it in a bad way.)

What are your thoughts?



  1. Jovan, great post. I do not hate them. Their stuff is a little "preppy" for my taste, but I actually like some of their products for others.

    I think the dislike stems from their legions of followers and the too small florescent polos with popped collars and sandals imagery that it invokes.

    With that being said. My mom actually likes their bracelets. She is 60 and more trad than prep.

    I can't imagine wearing a bracelet myself, but I don't wear lots of things.

  2. Greg: I can't say I get it. If they want to hang out with Muffy (who as far as I know is inoffensive) then that's their business.

  3. Maybe it's the fact that this guy's a total phony. Do a little research into his bio.

    Kiel James Patrick and Richard should go out.

  4. Tim: Please, enlighten me. I'm quite honestly curious.

  5. Dreadful pretentious nonsensical are a few words that spring to mind when I looked at Kiel James Pratrick's website and his blog is just offensive. A talentless git as we in England would say.

    Greg - you hit the nail on the head. It so happens that I stumbled (as one pitches forward in a muddy field) on the eponymous Muffy and her blog around the time she went "sailing"; begs the question of course why a quasi-geriatric like Muffy would want to hang out with spotty little buggers like Kiel but let's leave that to one side. I actually commented on Muffy's blog that particular occasion and she would not post the comment. I tried a couple of other times to post comments on her blog but it appears that only gushing sentimental sycophantic comments bypass her censorious sensibilities; try commenting, not rudely but just critically, yourself and see what the dear old Muffster does.

    Forever England

  6. Forever England (for lack of a better name, you posted anonymously):

    What exactly is "offensive" about his blog? Neither of you are really elaborating on your problems with him besides using a bunch of generic adjectives. Any highly opinionated internet person could just as easily say that /I'm/ phoney, pretentious, dreadful, and nonsensical.

    On the subject of comment moderation, the only stuff I won't approve here is something that's downright libellous or quite obviously trolling. (A couple of comments from some guy making fun of American style nearly fell into the latter category, which I let fly, but only because it was too much fun to poke holes in his arguments and ask what he was even doing on this blog.) Anyways, I'd like to think I'm pretty fair. It's unfortunate "the Muffster" as you call her doesn't quite hold to the same philosophy. Mostly I use it as a guard against clothing company link spammers (one of which quite obviously followed me from Ask Andy, and I was not happy about that).

  7. I actually LIKE his products. The issue is with marketing & branding.

    Kiel cant decide whether he wants to be a spokesmodel or a manufacturer. Ralph Lauren started selling ties but KJP goes one better - sell his product AND is the model for them.

    The Muffy thing was confusing - were the people his staff? Or other models? He's blog looks like he wants ot be a fashion commentator as well as everything else - like he's trying-too-hard.

    His branding is just confusing. He would be far better selling products & removing himself from the product photos.

  8. If you do the research, you'll find out that, among other things, KJP's "prep school" (supposedly where the seed for his design vision sprouted)was actually a Catholic high school in which apparently led him to believe that "conceited" is spelled "conceded."

    And that's the tip of the iceberg. Like I said, do some digging.

  9. Greg: I suppose, but even RL himself has modelled in his own ads from time to time since he started. A lot of small companies have the owners modelling the stuff -- it's economical for one thing and gives the impression that they're confident enough to wear their own stuff. He may have also been a model before he started the company, who knows. Vickers, the young woman pictured, is the other owner.

    Tim: Well that's definitely misleading. I like the Ivy/Preppy/Trad/whatever style, but I definitely didn't go anywhere close to Yale nor have I implied that I ever did. I'm fine with owners of companies sharing things about themselves, but deliberate misrepresentation is just dumb. It's better to just be truthful about one's humble origins. Potential customers are more likely to identify with them, too.

  10. Well played Tim. Kiel is not only a bore but utterly stupid.


  11. A bit of education, simply going to Yale has nothing to do with being an authentic Trad or Prep. I recommend you young men read my views on Muffy Aldrich.

    PS I also say KJP should not be singled out alone for there are a number of others who do the same.


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