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In Appreciation of Trevor Noah

Every once in a while, the topic of who actually dresses well in real life comes up. We can easily think of real people from the past who do and a whole lot of stylish fictional characters from today. It is difficult these days to find those who are a menswear role model, due to so many celebrities opting for flashy, tight-fitting, or overly fashionable clothing. Classic menswear in the sense of coat and tie has made something of a comeback in the last decade, that much is certain. But often it is tampered with to such an extent that it the result appears less than the sum of its parts. Because of this, many people who want to dip their toes into menswear can be understandably confused.

However, some embrace a few aspects of modern fit and style without letting it go overboard. One such person is Trevor Noah, the South African comedian best known to Americans for hosting The Daily Show. Though he may sound like an unlikely candidate for a menswear role model, his consistent good ta…

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