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6 Commonly Mistaken Formalwear Beliefs

I tend to talk a lot about formalwear on this blog, but for good reason. It has its own increasing list of misconceptions the less people wear it, which is odd considering how simple the dress code really is compared to others. Leaving off from my last list of misconceptions, here are six formalwear myths to beware of.

A white dinner jacket should have silk facings. Not sure where or when this falsehood started, but one of the earliest examples I've seen is on the white dinner jacket worn by Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It is unfortunately quite prevalent nowadays, the equivalent to incorrectly facing the breast welt in silk (which is also unnecessary). I believe most people are simply ignorant about this convention as they are about the white dinner jacket as a warm weather variant, given how many wear it to holiday balls as "winter white" instead of in the summer. They simply see it as a striking alternative to the black dinner suit and nothin…

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