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Re-Wearing Formal Attire and Its Gendered Double Standards

Every once in a while, something especially egregious catches my eye with regards to clothing and fashion. This is one such case.

Today, an article was published roundly criticizing what Duchess Catherine "Kate" Middleton wore to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The author contradicts herself by claiming that she supports the "sustainability vibe" of re-wearing a dress, but then goes back on it to claim that by doing so, the Duchess was taking attention away from Meghan. She also cites that this very fact made headlines as her proof, as if she isn't part of the problem here.
Instead, Kate made the poorest choice available to her, inviting more headlines than her outfit was worth. People watching television even thought the pale yellow looked cream, another major faux pas for anyone attending a wedding. This is utter nonsense, not to mention a form of internalized sexism.

Unless she plans on haranging Prince Charles for wearing his grey morni…

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