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Four ways to dress up in a dress down culture.

There are times where a suit and tie simply aren't appropriate or necessary. That's fine. It's a fact of life these days. But it can be difficult to assert your more... dressed up mentality in the more dressed down 21st century. Luckily, there are times and places where it's not only appropriate, it will make others believe they should have put in more effort!

A versatile sport coat is your best friend. In a world where suits seem to dominate any form of dressing beyond casual, we tend to forget sport coats -- which includes navy blazers -- actually still exist. Make use of them for situations where everyone else might just wear a shirt tucked in and think that's "dressed up enough". Think above-average restaurants with friends or a dinner party. No tie required. A sport coat and pocket square can make even jeans look more sophisticated. Navy blazers with metal buttons are pretty hard to screw up, but they don't need to be the only sport coat in your …

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