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In Appreciation of Tom Ford

Tom Ford has brought a lot of mainstream attention to tailored clothing thanks to outfitting the current James Bond, Daniel Craig, as well as being name dropped by musicians such as Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake, both of whom his brand have clothed as well. He also brought back classic details and high quality features that designer menswear hadn't seen in a long time. So why is he so controversial on the basis of men's tailored clothing alone? Whatever one thinks of his advertising aesthetic, off the cuff remarks, or fashionable five o'clock shadow, he has a lot to teach other designers in the industry who dabble in menswear.

Ford, now 55, commands one of the biggest names in fashion. Prior to starting his own brand in 2006, he cut his teeth at Perry Ellis and later Gucci, becoming its chief women's wear designer and Creative Director a mere four years after. Ford pulled them out of bankruptcy and back into profitability by shifting the brand image from grunge-inspired …

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