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Why should I wear a tailored jacket when it's warm out?

It's now been summer for over two weeks in the northern hemisphere, so let's talk about something that's probably on many menswear aficionados' minds: How to look great when it's hot out.

Something that tends to differentiate menswear aficionados from most people is that they will find just about any excuse to wear a jacket or tie. The question for them isn't why, but why not? Well, here's the "why" if you really must know:
It democratizes un-ideal physiques, smoothing them out or making them look more powerful.They help one look more put together and more appropriate for certain situations.During the warmest times of year, they hide unsightly underarm perspiration on a shirt. Keep in mind, unlined jackets with an open weave are quite wearable in warm weather and will add marginal bulk if worn with an open weave shirt. Look at linen, high twist wool, hopsack wool, or summer sports coat blends which may include silk, mohair, and so forth. Cotton see…

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