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Review: Spier & Mackay Custom Shirts

A while back, I reached out to Spier & Mackay and asked if they'd like to collaborate on something for my blog. Rick Khanna, Creative Director and President, responded and suggested that I try their custom shirt program first. He explained that they can create almost anything, given that they have a completely custom operation. "Rikky" only asked that I review one their newer fine shirtings. I ended up picking the Medium Blue Hairline Stripe by Tessitura Monti in Egyptian Cotton, 2 Ply 140's. This poplin fabric was only available through their Custom Shirts programme, but it seems to be out at the moment. The Navy Hairline Stripe is the only equivalent available now. 140's is the same standard as Sea Island cotton -- as used on the Dr No shirts I was attempting to replicate -- but far more affordable. I like the look of hairline, since it appears solid at a distance but reveals itself as made up of tiny stripes up close.

To that end, I asked for a few design…

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