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National Treasure: Book of Secrets -- Justin Bartha's Sports Suits in Detail

Riley Poole, portrayed by Justin Bartha, is a computer expert... well, a hacker whose expertise is in demand in both National Treasure movies. Early in National Treasure: Book of Secrets, he is promoting a book about the previous movie's events where his role is certainly exaggerated, evident by the standee showing him in stereotypical adventuring gear. To nobody's surprise, he barely has anyone lining up for autographs. Clearly, Riley has invested a lot into making himself seem successful and intellectual, including the tweed three-piece suit he's wearing. Sadly, the whole facade is not working out as he hoped, especially when his new sports car gets repossessed. Despite being a little down on his luck, he has not given up dressing nicely at least.

The tweed and corduroy suits he wears aren't exactly business suits, but they're not relegated to the country or hunting either. They are perhaps best called sports suits since they have the features and fabrics one wo…

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