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Variations of the Three Button Jacket

The two button jacket may be the most popular currently, but the three button still has its place in a well dressed person's wardrobe.

Old fashioned. Stuffy. Too buttoned-up. All these things and more have been said about three button jackets, often from those who have been told since the mid-2000s that the two button jacket is correct and modern and the three button is for elderly man and out of style. This bit of wisdom seems to especially come from salespeople who are obligated to sell what's in. Truthfully, three button jackets are equally correct but not all are made equally. There is a spectrum, but most can be classified one of three ways.

What most think of as a three button often has the lapels minimally rolled or pressed flat above the top button. I believe the terms "true three button" or "high roll three button" started being used to differentiate it from the three roll two, which will be discussed later. Three buttons are rarely seen anymore, t…

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