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Thank you for reading my blog.

As much as I appreciate all my readers, over the years it's become clear that I need to implement a few ground rules and disclaimers.


I reserve the right to delete comments that are disruptive, trolling, or otherwise stirring the pot unnecessarily. I also reserve the right, if necessary, to block anyone who continues doing this from further commenting.

Such comments include -- but are not limited to -- bigotry of any kind (race, sex/gender, sexual orientation, etc.), personal attacks, threats of violence, or linking to websites with illegal content.

Open discussion is great. I do not censor opinions of products or services I have reviewed, as this is necessary for potential customers to get a wide-ranging perspective and the company I'm working with to get valuable feedback.

I have noticed a great number of advertising accounts making spam comments on my blog. These link to products and services for the sole purpose of soliciting business. It does not help facilitate discussion and I do not consent to advertisements on my blog without my express permission.

Every spam comment -- whether left by a bot or person -- will be deleted on sight.

There is a far better way to advertise your wares than using such ignorant methods. Please see the section below.

Advertising and Sponsored Content

Most of my reviews are done in exchange for a discount or complimentary product/service. Such reviews have a disclaimer at the end as required by law. I give honest feedback as if having paid full price for the product or service. I feel this is a good way for companies to spread the word organically as well as get constructive criticism on how to improve.

If you wish to work with me on a sponsored article, review, or run advertisements on my blog, I'd be more than happy to if it's something that I feel fits within my blog's scope. Please use my contact page and let's get talking!

I work a full-time job and do this as a labour of love. Ads help a lot, considering the time I spend researching and writing posts. So if you like this content and see something advertised here that looks interesting, please do me a favour and click on it. The revenue assists me in continuing to write things you enjoy.

Blog Posts

Constructive feedback and suggestions for future blog posts are very much appreciated. Feel free to submit these in the comments or through the contact page.

From time to time I will cover the style of public figures and evaluate it objectively for the purposes of critique and education. No endorsement of their personal and political views is intended by doing so or should be implied.


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