First double breasted suit.

What do you think? Ideally, I'd have a white shirt with that collar instead. This one's from a few years back and is a bit snug on my neck. I also had no idea how BRIGHT the pink was from the website photos. Ah well. Alterations needed: Sleeves let out, waistband expanded (which is why it's pulling a bit), turn-ups/cuffs taken out. I know it's considered blasphemy by some to have plain bottoms with pleats, but I think any combination of plain/plain, plain/turn-up, pleat/plain, pleat/turn-up can look perfectly acceptable. The alterations may be a bit, but I paid a grand total of $5.36 anyway. I love thrift stores. I will probably be wearing it with braces, since there are buttons for it in the trouser waistband. My trendy young friends don't have to know -- it'll be buttoned most of the time. If you know them and are reading this blog, shhh! Side update... After about a month of being a huge, flirtatious tease (backordered another week, and another, and ANOTHER) Brooks Brothers finally emailed to say they're sold out of the button down collar with french cuff shirt. Darn. I guess that money is better spent on a point collar shirt anyway. I think I have a few too many button downs. Or food. It would be nice to eat better. -_- Think loose armholes should be more comfortable? Think again! Next up I'll be showing the merits of snugger, better hooked armholes with comparison photos. If there's one secret you should know about jacket fit, it's this. Don't miss it.


  1. Looks absolutely awesome! The braces are a good idea, too, especially if the buttons are already there.

    As for French cuff button-downs -- check out the late 50s/early 60s private-eye TV show with the cool Henry Mancini theme, Peter Gunn -- star Craig Stevens wears them all the time. His wardrobe in that show is generally to die for.

  2. Indeed, and I would love one, but I think a point collar shirt or two including French cuffs would give me more mileage. Not that I always care about rules, but they are more acceptable with business dress, especially funerals and weddings. (They seem to be the only occasions where I /have/ to wear a suit right now.)

  3. By all means, start with more "ordinary" French cuff shirts. French cuffs are just the thing with double-breasted suits.

    Although I'll warn you, that can lead to collecting vintage cufflinks, and that can become a real addiction!

  4. I think you look fantastic in that suit... Works well with that shirt. Excellent find!


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