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A long overdue update on this blog and my life.

You might notice there's been no activity on my blog. This is especially since I'm once again employed in the fashion industry as a made-to-measure clothing specialist. Most of my outside efforts have gone to my friends' websites and podcasts, namely The Kavalier and From Tailors With Love . (Buy the latter's book , by the way, it is a fantastic read for anyone even somewhat interested in the clothing of James Bond.) There are a few other reasons why I've been silent on here. If you follow me on social media, you'll have noticed a change in my name and presentation. I am now Giselle, pronouns she/they. My birth name was nice, unique even. But I felt it didn't reflect who I was and who I've become. Giselle may be less unique, but it's also more me. While I still love menswear and tailored clothing, I had been denying my gender identity for at least a decade. I first came out as non-binary (more specifically genderfluid) to my friends and family in th

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