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Review: Bespoke JB Original Pocket Square

Bespoke JB is a small business started a couple years ago by John Broughton when he was frustrated at how most linen and cotton handkerchiefs were too large to use as a neatly folded, low-profile pocket square. They also required a bit of guesswork to fold the right width and were of rather low quality fabric for the price. I've always suspected there's a higher-than-necessary markup on pocket squares from name brands, even considering many will use hand-stitched edges. After all, they're just a 12"-15" square of fabric.

To this end, John decided to create a pocket square size and shape that would make it easy to achieve the desirable, neatly-folded edge worn by such sartorial icons as James Bond. Whether you call it a square fold, TV fold, presidential fold, or straight fold, it's a look that's been pretty popular for over a decade now, in no small part inspired by Mad Men having its main character sport one, per fashions in the 1960s, and Daniel Craig …

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