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I'm not gone.

Readers, I'm still alive! Priorities have shifted for me in the last two years as I've focused on my gender transition and, thus, rebuilding my wardrobe almost entirely from scratch. The online blogs I used to write for professionally have pretty much stopped being active as well, which is a source of additional income that has disappeared for me. Additionally, my career has recently shifted from made-to-measure, to trouser alterations, to altering dresses -- primarily bridal, bridesmaid, and prom -- all in the span of a year. While I enjoyed many aspects of being a team lead at a shop focused  entirely  on MTM clothing, it was unfortunately not a good fit for me in the end due to the expectation that I perform the duties of an assistant manager yet not have the title and pay. Additionally, the insurance offered by them was not sufficient for my transition care needs and very overpriced. Later, I moved back to a mass-market retailer I previously worked for since there was an op

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