Active Promotions and Referrals, More on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Thanks to everyone who is still making use of the promotions from my referral partners at Bonobos, Proper Cloth, and Twillory. I just wanted to remind my readers that, yes, these links are still active and working!
No codes are needed for these, the links will automatically put them in for you. In the interest of full disclosure, these links give me a small amount of points or store credit towards purchases at these companies. It's not money, but it does help me out a bit. So thank you.

This Proper Cloth model laments not being able to show off his sweet style right now.

Now, let's get a little serious. I of course realize that not everyone needs shirts, suits, and ties right now considering the circumstances. Personally, I have purchased a couple items for my wardrobe since this outbreak. New things make me more confident when going on those video calls with friends and employers. Even donning my mask to go grocery shopping can be enhanced a bit by looking stylish, since there are few opportunities to right now. There's no shame in getting little things here and there to keep yourself happy and occupied while stuck indoors. But there's also no shame in keeping your finances as tight as possible right now if you cannot or do not want to do that.

Everyone has a different situation, everyone has different levels of acceptable comfort. I am fortunate to still be taking on some writing assignments right now, as well as having a wife with a stable and high-powered career in an essential industry. There's food in our fridge. But there are many who are nowhere near as fortunate. Please consider donating money to the charities helping keep people afloat during this crisis, if you can spare it. Those stimulus payments in the United States can only do so much, some people won't be getting them until many months later, and people in certain industries or lines of work are not even eligible for the stimulus due to arbitrary and, frankly, prejudiced reasons. So if you can spare a few bucks to those in need, please do it.

We'll get back to normalcy eventually, I promise. Not all at once, as some people mistakenly seem to believe. It will be a process. But we'll get there.


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