From Tailors With Love: The Great Gatsby (1974)

 If anyone's been following me on Instagram, they'll likely know at least one of three things:

  1. I make occasional guest appearances on From Tailors With Love, a podcast which my friend Matt Spaiser frequently co-hosts with Peter Brooker. It originally focused on James Bond films alone, but has since branched out to other spy films, movies Bond actors have starred in, or just stylish films in general.
  2. I have a life outside of menswear, as well as own casual clothing. Even some graphic tees. I am only human, people.
  3. I've just come out as non-binary to the public. Masculine and feminine pronouns. So really, you can keep referring to me with masculine pronouns if you always have and I won't be offended. (It shouldn't need to be said that disrespect for the LGBTQA community and other marginalized people will not be tolerated.)
Such beautiful shirts.
Recently we got together with another friend of mine, Daniel Stroupe, Bespoke Administrator at Turnbull & Asser New York, and recorded two or three episodes of From Tailors With Love in one day. Whew! It was a doozy, but also a great deal of fun discussing period accuracy in film costuming. As it always is for me. Pete just released the episode where we discuss the 1974 adaptation of The Great Gatsby starring Robert Redford with costumes provided by Ralph Lauren, designed by Theoni V. Aldredge. To my pleasant surprise, he used pretty much all the notes I made about it.

Let me know what you think. Other episodes of the podcast I've guested on are Knives Out, which I've written about here on The Kavalier, and Kingsman: The Secret Service, which I've written about here on this blog.


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