Slight update...

Coming up, I'll be reviewing a custom shirt from Deo Veritas. Deo Veritas is an online, competitively priced, made to measure shirt maker. Did I mention it costs less than a basic Brooks Brothers shirt and has more features? There's also free shipping in the United States and Canada. I'll also be receiving a white handkerchief from Matt Deckard Apparel. As you may know, they make bespoke clothing and accessories in a '30s and '40s inspired aesthetic. However, according to the owner, he's even received a request for the 007 Goldfinger suit! Personally, I'd love them to make a recreation of Jimmy Stewart's three piece suit from Rope. It has wide, well shaped peak lapels with a roll that you definitely can't find off the rack anymore. I've been meaning to show a comparison of modern vs. vintage snug armholes but it's slipped my mind or I haven't gotten around to it. If anyone's interested, just let me know and I'll show you how a vintage suit compares with a more modern subject. Otherwise, I'll find a post that explains and shows it much better than I could.


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