First time in tailored clothing?

I can give bits of advice and opinions but feel, as always, that much of it should be left to the experts. I have a lot of knowledge but only so much experience and wardrobe, having gotten into this thing just a few years ago. So, here are two places that should get you off to a good start.

Of all places, an obscure part of Brooks Brothers' website called "Made in America" has some really sound advice. I like that they recommend not using starch and give a detailed explanation on properly fitting suits and shirts. Make sure to check it out.

If you haven't looked before, Ask Andy About Clothes, both the main website and forums, are a treasure trove of information. It is the number one website for men's clothing advice.


  1. are suits the main vintage item you focus on, or do you wear other vintage items such as sweaters, vests and shirts that one can find at a thrift or vintage store?

  2. You know, I've never actually thought about that before. I do want to get some more sweaters, waistcoats, and shirts of course. Problem is that the thrift store selection is generally terrible and I rarely find anything worthwhile on eBay either.

  3. yeah, i've tried looking into the thrift stores in my area but hardly any of 'em carry good men's items. most of the time i have to order things online. try they have an awesome collection of vintage men's items and new ones are always being added. give it a shot. lemme know if you find anything you like - i just bought some awesome vintage eyeglasses.

  4. Thanks for the tip. I've generally had better luck with suits and ties. Modern shirts and sweaters are perfectly fine as long as you know where to get them and avoid anything TOO fashion forward. Avoid Express and Target Merona sweaters like the plague -- they pill and fall apart way too quickly. Similarly, avoid their shirts because they have crappy fabric and cut. Good modern suits are harder to come by since suits in general aren't worn nearly as much as they used to be. Brooks Brothers reportedly has the best value though, and their mainstays are half off a couple times a year. I'd be interested in trying on one of the Fitzgerald suits, but there is sadly no store within hundreds of miles of here.

    One of these days, I would like to find a broken-in, thick shawl cardigan to cosy up with in winter. It's lame how those things, once incredibly common, fetch at least $70 and often more these days.

  5. oh, totally. that's the thing that worries me when buying vintage clothing. i feel like i'm putting costume on when i try certain things out. i'm really surprised by some of the things i've found. the fact that they were actually worn is eye opening, but with today's fashions, i'm sure people will be saying the same thing in the future. haha.

    suits look awesome on you. bummer on the fitzgerald. they don't have an online store? meh, you have to be there to get the actually feel, no? i've tried suits but can't seem to pull it off. how often are you out in your suits?

    tell me about it. vintage items are crazy expensive. i've been lucky to find stores people hardly shop at so i can get all those rare treasures to myself. try visiting shops outside your city - you might find that cardigan!


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