Patch madras shorts

I used to hate patch madras. Thought it was ugly, too flashy and what have you. Originally I purchased these RL Polo shorts at a thrift store to be sold on Ask Andy's infamous "Informal Trad Thrift Store Exchange" thread. As fate would have it, I slowly warmed up to them and decided to keep them for myself...

Here's me doing the Take Ivy thing -- untucked white OCBD and Venetian loafers. Monogram not my own, but I've decided it stands for Lewis & Clark College if anyone asks. (Thanks to AAAC Forum member Leighton who came up with that one.)


  1. You have good taste, Jovan. i wish that you would write more posts (time permitting).


  2. Hilton, thanks for the compliment! I hope I'm fulfilling this obligation right now.


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