Tuxedos: Bow tie or necktie?

People act surprised and ask why when I tell them they shouldn't wear neckties with tuxedos. Well, it's quite simple -- who would you rather look like? James Bond or that one guy wearing a Reservoir Dogs cosplay?

Two shawl collar tuxedos, one with a bow tie, one with a necktie. I think the winner here is clear.


  1. You say that like Reservoir Dogs cosplay is a bad thing!

    1. Not a bad thing in the right context, but at a black tie function... nah. You and the people around you deserve better. :)

    2. Absolutely. I've been to black tie events where some of the most well-respected members of the community have turned up in hoodies and AFL guernseys, and I've felt over-dressed in my satin shawl collar and thistle bowtie. Still, it only makes it sweeter when other people put the effort in!

    3. Yikes! Well, take comfort in that you actually respected your hosts' wishes. I guess it's the "I make money for myself so I can dress however I want" effect. But even Bill Gates put on a suit or tuxedo when requested.


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