Sebastian Ward now more affordable than ever.

You're hearing it here first -- in a couple days (8/3), Sebastian Ward is reducing their price to a more accessible $99 versus the debut of $175. For now, this is just on the shirts they currently offer, but later they will be getting new product from another supplier that is near identical in every way.

For those who haven't heard of Sebastian Ward yet, here are some of the features they boast:
  • Extra long tails with expanding side gussets keep it tucked all day, even after sitting down.
  • High armholes, snug cuffs, and longer sleeves to allow a full range of arm movement.
  • Trim "athletic" fit. Not extra slim or very full, just right.
  • High two-button collar that stands on its own with or without stays.
They are one of the best shirts I've had the pleasure of owning just by virtue of the fit and features. So if price was ever an issue before, now you have no excuse.


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