Review: NVSBL Undershirt

Recently, Jake Lengui contacted me to ask if I wanted to review one of the undershirts from his brand. Naturally, I accepted.

NVSBL is one of a number of companies now -- it's difficult to tell which one started this trend first -- that are offering undershirts that actually blend with one's skin tone. Initially, they only offered a colour that works on fair skin, appropriately dubbed "Light" which is the one I was sent. Recently, they are offering "Medium" (beige) and "Dark" (brown) for darker skin.

It's hard to pinpoint why, but men have been restricted to white, grey, or black undershirts even though women have known the power of "nude" coloured undergarments to avoid see-through for ages. Perhaps men thought it was too feminine a concept until now? In any case, it is good to finally have such a solution. Even very fair skinned folk like myself can have a white undershirt show through, especially with a white shirt. Deep v-necks only help so much when going sans tie, since one can still see the outline of it around the placket and biceps of the shirt.

These companies have combined both concepts -- a deep v-neck and nude undergarments -- to create an undershirt that works for any situation. All the models are shown without ties on the website, but I can safely state that it works fine all the buttons fastened. It does, however, show through a bit still in spite of the stated intent and three distinct skin tones on offer.

So how does NVSBL rate? Pretty well. The cut is nice and slim as all undershirts should be. It's long enough to stay tucked all day, again as undershirts should. The sample I received had rather generously long sleeves, but they appear to have raised the hem since then to be worn with short sleeved shirts. Like many other competitors, NVSBL is made with modal blended with a small amount of Spandex so it breathes well and absorbs/dissipates more moisture than cotton. It holds up beautifully. Sadly, the same cannot be said of the tagless logo and care information as it has mostly peeled off. But that's a minor point. I hope the wearer would know their size and how to care for it by the time that happens! The only other con I can think of is that the back collar tends to sit away from the neck, raising the "V" in front so that it may show when leaving two buttons undone on a shirt.

This is a good quality undershirt and I recommend it. It is affordable (only $27 US, free standard shipping when purchasing two) and mostly does what it sets out to do. I think the light skin tone should be darkened ever so slightly, though.

DISCLAIMER: Nouveau Vintage received material compensation in exchange for a review. However, every attempt has been made to remain objectively critical.


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