On Brylcreem, and "cheating" on a past look.

I recently picked up a tube of Brylcreem for shits and giggles... it's actually really cool. It works like a leave in conditioner and styling product all in one. However, I find it doesn't have enough hold for my thick hair. This is where I "cheat" and use a pinch of modern hair product to hold up the front sweep I like to do with my hair. Now, why I say "cheat" is because I find within these developing circles of classic style/vintage clothing enthusiasts there is a bit of snobbiness going on, or to a much higher extent, a worry that we're not being "vintage correct." Well, here's where I weigh in. A member of the Fedora Lounge (I can't remember who so please tell me if you are that person) once said that we actually have a benefit even though it's harder to find things like we did in the past. We can pick and choose styles that suit us. For example, there was a thread in said forum about stockings, and what to do in the summer because old etiquette dictated ladies wear them all the time. I think that was a little needlessly worrisome. You see ladies going around all the time today, ladies in skirt suits who look quite professional and conservative despite foregoing the stockings. I've also seen some women who wear dresses from the '40s and earlier go without them who don't look silly at all. What worries me are the young ladies who go without stockings -- or any leg covering whatsoever! -- in winter. Some of us like to go all the way, others stop at a certain point. It's all good. So stop worrying about whether that tie goes with a '30s suit, or if your hairstyle is "period" enough. Chances are, if you feel it looks good without worrying about the period, you probably are right. :)


  1. Jovan... You might want to give LAYRITE pomade a try. The owner of Hawleywood's Barber Shop makes and distributes it.

    It's easy to work with, holds VERY strong, has a great shine and washes out really easily. It smells nice too.
    I use it on my flattop!

    -- Chris
    aka musclebuzz on Fedora Lounge

  2. I little Jizmardian also does the trick.


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