Navy jacket

Something from me for once. Let me know what you think!


  1. I saw this, and I thought, sweet mercy, where did he find a suit owned by JFK? Who made this jacket?

    As with the other clothing on this blog (especially including the Miss Hepburn lookalike above this post), I definitely appreciate this style-- even at only 22 years of age! I, too often, have lamented the decline of the suit and all formal attire. There is a picture of JFK taking in a Washington Senators baseball game while he was President-- not only was he wearing a suit, but so was everyone else around him! I'll definitely be looking into Thick as Thieves, too, as they have a nice style of jacket, too-- and on your recommend! Good show.


  2. It's actually part of a suit made by "Kaufmann's" from 1954. It is very JFK-like with the slightly narrower lapels and trouser bottoms, although the trousers are deeply pleated. I think Kennedy wore flat fronts. Glad you like it. :)

  3. And what's the width of the tie?

  4. Tie is 3" wide. Not vintage though, on sale from Express. They are okay but not as good as vintage narrow ties.


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