Twenty Oh Nine

Hope everyone has had a safe winter break and are looking forward to a great new year! January brings classes, work, and responsibilities back to the forefront -- true. However, nights like this are what make all that worthwhile. I didn't know but a few people at this big party, but I quickly made new friends and had a great time. Good friends who know good people are worth a lot. This last year has taught me to take charge and value life just a little more, as one of my friends (one I could almost call a sister I never had) came to an untimely end just like that. She is still with me and all the people who knew her, most of all the man who I call a close friend and her lover. Despite the crappy hours at work and the classes coming up, I think the new year is going to be great. I'm really starting to find myself and see the good qualities I have. I'll have a place to live past May, as my housemate is getting a condominium and I'll be the only other tenant. Things are looking up. So, whether you look forward to that suit you'll be able to afford with your tax return or just good cheer and a rumpled pair of khakis, have a happy new year.


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