More examples of dinner jacket styles

Just thought the few readers I have might be interested in this illustration I found browsing which demonstrates a bit of dinner jacket history. As you can see, narrow lapels and trouser openings did NOT originate in the '60s. Interesting differences here in the cut and style of accessories used compared to the golden age of the "tuxedo." There do not appear to be flower holes on the lapels, for one thing. Red roses or carnations have almost come to be a cliche in movies. (I don't care what any florist says, the flower goes through the hole on the lapel.) All three of the men are wearing white full dress ties instead and only one has a black waistcoat! The stiff, detachable "imperial" collars are stricter looking than the soft collars that came to stay later on. Seen side by side, the lapel styles on the middle and right once again look superior... at least in my opinion.


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