Another black tie comparison, this time in a modern context

I seem to be on a real black tie kick lately. My fascination might stem from the fact that I've had no occasion to wear it apart from my senior prom -- and squandered it -- much less own anything. I still, from time to time, scour eBay. Hoping, looking, waiting. They say that once you own the kit the opportunities suddenly present themselves. If anyone sees an eBay listing for a vintage 40-long dinner suit, please let me know! The still to the left from Ocean's Thirteen happens to show the three lapel styles all lined up. I think it's a no-brainer here, but decide for yourself. I'll forgive the step collar two button number since Mr. Clooney still has admirable class and confidence no matter what he wears. It also doesn't hurt that he made up for it last year at the Academy Awards. I should probably make a correction to my last post. Based on some other illustrations I've seen since (thanks to a certain tailoring afficionado on Ask Andy About Clothes), I believe the picture might be from as early as the 1890s or 1900s. Again, if anyone can set me straight on this for sure I'd really appreciate it.


  1. Great photo. I've only worn a tux to my prom and a formal wedding.

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you're getting something out of my little blog. :)


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