The official Mad Men suit...

By none other than Brooks Brothers, of course. They were the clothier for many actual Madison Avenue men. Link to a GQ article featuring an interview with the costume designer here. I'm glad she agrees with me that high rise flatters men much better, but a little disappointed she compromised on that in designing the suit. If you're going to make a limited edition suit inspired by the '60s, do it right.


  1. Love the suit! Look at all that class. Seriously! People just knew how to dress one's self back then.

    p.s. love the blog!

  2. Thanks, I appreciate it. :)

    The suit is selling really fast. Only a few sizes left! Not like I could afford it anyways, but it would have been nice. :-/

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  4. Despite my complete reverence for 50's fashion I've never watched Mad Men.

    I had a boyfriend at one point who did, he was a German fellow that kind of reminded me of someone who belonged in that era. He bought a few of these suits and he was, excuse the pun, 'mad' over them.


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