Quick Thought

I know a lot of you probably hate obnoxious ads as much as I do. Mainly the rollover ads that start without you even rolling over them are the bane of my existence, especially on Photobucket. These days you can't even watch a user-made YouTube video without an ad popping up at the bottom. Even The Escapist makes you watch a 30 second ad before you can even CLICK the the play button. It's gotten fairly ridiculous. I'd like to think the Google Ads I have in the corner are discreet and unobtrusive, same as other sites that have them. I don't usually solicit for things, but have a simple favour to ask: Click on these ads once in a while. It only takes a second of your time. You don't even have to check out the site if it doesn't interest you. It'll help me and this blog out in a big way. Thanks!


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