"Living in a time warp"

Funny enough, that's what a friend of mine said about me last year, even though I allow for jeans and t-shirts in my wardrobe.

Check out this CNN article featuring my e-friend Ray Frensham:


Half of the focus is on "modern day Victorians," but there's a few people featured with more modern influences. Personally, I don't share Mr. Frensham's sense of style (I'm more influenced by the early '60s), but it definitely works for his body type and personality. I feel as long as you're comfortable in your own skin and don't alienate people too much, you should wear what you want... with a firm eye towards practicality. For instance, you wouldn't wear full morning attire for an interview at a menswear store, nor would you wear muffin-top inducing jeans at a black tie banquet.


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