Review: Lands' End Tailored Fit Legacy Chino

Occasionally, I escape from my padded cell and babble incoherently about something I just tried. This is one of those times.

Lands' End originally started as a company that sold sailboating equipment. Eventually they became what they are now, a clothing company also somewhat known for their canvas tote bags (one of the first products they developed but now just about the only one they carry). Like L.L. Bean, their image is synonymous with east coast preppy. Click here for some cool, obligatory nostalgia.

I've been "field testing" these for about a month. I like the authentic coin/watch/condom/whatever pocket on the front. Fabric is nice and soft, if a bit thin for some tastes. The fit is good, but not tapered if that's what you're expecting. The legs are 17.5" around at the bottom and 21" around at the knee. My biggest drawback, fit-wise, is that the rise could stand to be an inch longer at 11.5". I find that a longer rise is actually more comfortable than a lower one, despite what the fashion industry has been force-feeding to us for the past decade. Anything lower than these looks weird on my 6'1, lanky frame. Keep in mind though that I'm reviewing a 35" waist, so I'm not sure how the dimensions compare to the Traditional Fit or other waist sizes.

The construction is pretty solid. I didn't see any badly done seams or any obnoxiously loose threads. A point of contention on the part of many is that they aren't made in the States like much of their stuff used to be. This is a shame considering that they, L.L. Bean, Brooks Brothers, and countless other American brands have a chance to bring jobs back to the States where they are desperately needed. Although it vaguely says "Imported" on the website and in the catalogue, they are "MADE IN SRI LANKA" on the tag. The tag oddly does not indicate that they are "Tailored Fit"

Make sure you get yours hemmed (for free!) an inch longer than you need. I found out the hard way that they shrink in the wash, despite the deliberately pre-softened (which I thought was pre-washed) fabric. If you want, they'll send them unhemmed. I didn't get the "No Iron" version, as I wanted a chino that could easily go from polo shirt and D-ring-belt weekend wear to casually elegant* sport coat and tie when called upon.

These have recently become my go-to chinos. It's unfortunate that the rise isn't longer though, otherwise these would be perfect fitting chinos at the perfect price point.

Price: $26.50 (currently on sale from $34.50) before tax or S&H
Website(s): Lands' End Homepage and Product Listing

*Sorry, Abercrombie & Fitch.


  1. Any chance of seeing them on you? Seeing them on a real person is really helpful.

  2. I'll try to get some pictures when I can. Everyone's gotten tired of my phone pictures and I don't have a dedicated digital camera, unfortunately.


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