Been too long.

So here comes yet another apology from me. Yeah, I haven't posted in quite a while. Sorry. I've been losing track of it with work, classes and rehearsal for a play I'm in.

The good news is that I should soon have a review of the cult classic Mercer & Sons Shirtmakers oxford cloth button down, or OCBD to most internet clothes hobbyists. Let me tell you, this thing is great. Perfect collar roll, "bulletproof" fabric, and wonderful attention to detail and construction. I dare say it's more authentic than the current Brooks Brothers offerings. But more on that in another post.

I've been looking at a curious little blog documenting James Bond's clothing throughout the years, named The Suits of James Bond. Contrary to the title, it also discusses the character's choice of ties, shoes, sport coats, trousers, shirts, etc. -- basically anything that can be worn on the body. This is of interest to me because Sean Connery's James Bond is something of an inspiration to my wardrobe choices. Although the other Bonds aren't quite as stylish in my opinion, the posts discussing their wardrobe are just as interesting to read.


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