Double sided cufflinks

Kent Wang's argument for double sided cufflinks has guilted me into getting some as my next jewelry purchase. With both JFK and RFK wearing something similar to this, how can you say no?


  1. Had seen RFK's single cuffs before, very nice

  2. Yeah, it's interesting. The more I look at older photos the more I see that the rounded single cuff was not all that strange, nor does it look like a "tux rental" convertible cuff when done right, contrary to some claims on clothing forums. RFK's were probably made with sewn interlining rather than fused. While fused isn't bad these days, I feel it doesn't give the same rich look to the cuffs and collars. The slight imperfection makes it all the better in my opinion. It's also more comfortable in general.

  3. I'm almost wondering now if those cufflinks on RFK were inherited after his brother's untimely death. I've only seen pictures of them on him from his bid for president...

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