That is the simple question that goes through my head when I see these things paddled around as "stylish" in the media.

Here are some currently-fashionable looks that will look pretty silly in a decade (if they don't already):
  • Shirt showing beneath a waistcoat, often the effect of low rise trousers that don't harmonize with its length. The problem is also that manufacturers keep cutting their waistcoats the same length but lower the rise of the trousers. It looks even worse once you take the jacket off.
Simon Baker of The Mentalist fame calls to ask where he dropped his tie.
  • Too-tight coats that may as well be classified as male corsets. If the front quarters are splaying open this badly or if you can barely breathe, then it doesn't fit. End of story. But then you have a lot of guys on clothing forums, usually under 30, who insist that this is a desirable fit. Ignore them.
"Life After Twilight" ... apparently consists of looking skinnier than you really are. I feel bad for Team Jacob.
  •  Loosened ties. This is last, but not least. I'll get sh*t from people around my age for this, but it just looks sloppy. You're giving a mixed message by putting forth the effort with a tie but loosening it before the party has even started. Kiefer Sutherland takes it a step further by folding up a square of cotton, carefully placing it in his breast pocket, but then saying "the hell with this tie". He may as well have ditched the tie entirely. Out of all three of these guys, he comes the closest to "nailing it" but misses by a mere fraction.
Jack Bauer ignores the Geneva Convention and common sense in dressing well.


  1. See, I feel bad because I'm one of those people you mentioned about the tie. I don't think it is such a travesty if you wear your tie a little loose. It is such an easy knot that you can tighten it up before your meetings or work but while you are in transit I see no reason why you shouldn't have it loose. As for parties, I'll consider such dress casual, but in no way a travesty.

  2. Maybe. If you're at an event like Mr. Sutherland, you shouldn't have it loose. It just sort of defeats the point of a tie IMO.

  3. Apparently, tight clothing is also bad for your health: http://shine.yahoo.com/the-thread/7-most-dangerous-fashion-items-health-195800959.html

  4. Not surprising.

    Taylor Lautner's coat is probably pinned in the back, maybe even had the dubious benefit of Photoshop, but the problem is that some guys see this and think, "MY COAT MUST FIT LIKE THIS TOO!" :P


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