Norman Hilton. Eh.

The new lineup of Norman Hilton, the throwback brand by late namesake's son Nick Hilton, is out with some changes.

36S, 36R, 36L, 38L, and 40L jackets are only available with a $173.75 upcharge for a "Custom Size". The first four sizes I can sort of understand, but since when is 40L out of the ordinary? Every other retailer carries it standard.

9 3/4" rise trousers, which is hopefully a typo or just the length of the zipper. I recall that the trousers from last season had a regular, non-trendy rise according to a fellow Andylander.

Not so impressed with these developments.

UPDATE: The Buchanan, Nassau, and Witherspoon (all of which happen to be my favourite offerings this season) are now available in 40L, and there's no Custom Size options on any of the jackets. I wonder if this was a correction, a response to other bloggers or forum members who raised the issue, or something else. If a representative of Nick Hilton could chime in, I'd be most appreciative.

The trousers, upon looking at the models wearing them, don't seem to have a very low 9 3/4" rise. This has to be a mistake. They look to have about an 11" rise at most, which is still lower than last season's offerings. A 12-13" rise would be more in keeping with the early '60s aesthetic.


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