Coming soon...

In the pipeline are reviews for Luxire Custom Shirts and Jack Donnelly.

Luxire piqued my interest in that they stabilise sizing for the consumer before they receive the shirt, making it easy to give measurements (and actual dimensions from a well-fitting shirt if desired) with confidence. Unlike some off the rack clothing that has been "pre-softened", they are not garment washed -- the length of fabric required to make the shirt is washed by itself prior to cutting patterns and construction. The shirts start at $60 and are made in India.

Jack Donnelly makes khakis right here in the USA, both in fabric and construction. Unlike Bills Khakis, however, they are a little more on the affordable side at $90. So far, they only offer one fit, the Dalton, but plan on rolling out a trimmer fit (which I am assured will also has a regular rise, thank goodness) this fall. Click the link and you'll save $10 off your first order with them.

Stay tuned next week, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.


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