Review: Jack Donnelly Khakis

One of the only affordable khakis made in the United States just started a couple years ago, but I can already see why they are going strong.

From the namesake himself:

Jack Donnelly is a premium men's khaki pant company, based in Atlanta, GA.  We sell exclusively online via our website at, displaying all its glory in the best way an American based company can, buying and manufacturing in the USA.

Our mission is to make the best American-made khakis on the market, offer them to customers in a hassle free, user friendly web-based platform, and deliver the absolute best customer service experience possible.

Our khakis are made with the finest sourced materials, constructed with the best American manufacturing, and provide a superior fit; all offered to the customer at a good value proposition.  We want to become the standard in khakis and feel strongly we make the khakis to do that.

I started the business in September of 2008 in Atlanta, GA.  We officially launched June of 2010.  I spent over a year researching and developing everything there is to know about khakis – I figured out the best sourcing channels, looked for and located the best American manufacturing, and eventually perfected the fit and construction of a top khaki pant.

I felt, and eventually came to know, that there was a void in the khaki market, and a general lack of excitement surrounding the khaki pant.  Sure tons of companies make them, but in my opinion, few were putting a strong emphasis on it.  We want the Jack Donnelly name to be synonymous with the best khakis.  We want Jack Donnelly to be the standard in khakis.

Additionally, Donnelly has just unveiled a Slim Fit option for those who dislike or don't need a relaxed fit. Thankfully, the rise is only a hair smaller than the Classic Fit at 12", so while they are trim, they aren't hip huggers. They also plan to release more colours and fabrics in Spring '13, so keep an eye out on their website.

The pair I received met my expectations. A reasonable 12.5" rise and all the classic details of original khakis. Front onseam and coin pockets, in back is one buttoned and one open pocket, and an alterable waistband.

The fit is just about perfect. Aside from the rise, they feel just right around the waist and drape comfortably. The only minor drawback is that they don't have an inner button to keep the waistband aligned around the fly, which some other premium khakis have. The Classic Fit is quite relaxed, so I'd recommend the Slim Fit if you're going for a trim, Take Ivy sort of look.

Quality is pretty good for the price. The belt loops are stitched under the waistband for durability and everything feels sturdy. Generally the stitching looks clean and straight, with the exception of a few loose threads here and there, but that's a minor complaint. The 8.5 oz cotton twill (also made in the USA, not imported) feels nice from the onset and only gets better with each wash. Speaking of which, the fabric is pre-washed for softness, so they won't shrink much. In fact, despite what they say on the website, I didn't notice any at all. Still, better safe than sorry -- wash before hemming to that oh-so-perfect break. Another nice thing is that, unlike many mainstream retailers, they don't mess with vanity sizing. The waist size you order is what you get, not one or two inches over.

These are definitely some of the best khakis I've worn. I give them a hearty recommendation, not only because it supports the American economy, but because they'll become your favourites in no time. At $92 each ($72 for shorts), including free shipping and returns, they're a hell of a bargain. I'm going to get a pair of the Slim Fit soon for sure.

You'll get an even better bargain here, however. Click this referral link and you'll earn $20 off your first purchase! That's $72 ($52 for shorts) for good old, American-made khaki goodness.

Nouveau Vintage received material compensation for this review. However, every effort has been made to remain objective.


  1. Which color did you get?

  2. Hey, YRR! I believe the sample he sent me was Stone, as they are very light, almost cream. The Khaki also looks pretty light on the website, though. When I order the Slim Fit I'm going to try British Khaki, which looks a bit different between their shoots of the Classic and Slim Fit.

    In any case, there are free returns if you dislike the colour, so no sweat. Make sure to use my links so you get $10 off your first order!

  3. Do you prefer them over Bills? Thanks, Jovan.

  4. Hard to say, as the Bills I got from someone else were the disappointing M3 fit and the fabric was different from their default, I think it was the Cramerton Twill.

    However, I'd rate Bills construction quality a little above Jack Donnelly, but the full retail price is also $125 compared to $92.

    I still very much recommend giving Donnelly a try.

  5. This link will get you $20 off...

  6. Anon, yes, I have a referral link for that as well. :)


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