Hardwick Clothes to produce 3/2 sacks for Crittenden

Just read this bit of news over at the Seersucker & Tweeds blog. I'm excited. These look really nice. The lapel is not too wide and the shoulders look soft as can be. Apparently they aren't just using the "Max" pattern (a sort-of-secret 3/2 sack pattern Hardwick offers if you ask for it) to produce this, the shoulders being the main indicator.

One point of interest that struck me, besides the reasonable lapel width, was the button spacing. It rather reminds me of the suits worn by Daniel Craig in Skyfall. (Of course, the style details were the only thing I liked about that movie's suits -- the fit was bloody awful.)

Hopefully this won't turn out the way the Norman Hilton relaunch line did, which started off looking sensible but eventually went off the deep end with super-narrow lapels and low rise trousers, then finally died without enough sales to sustain itself.


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