Of birthday suits and leather jackets

Went out to The Melting Pot for my birthday last month. It is, again, the charcoal suit from Black Lapel. Planning on getting a navy from them when money can allow as I sold that 1950s navy flannel number to someone. I will miss it but it just didn't fit that well anymore.

Black Lapel suit
Ledbury shirt/pocket square/socks
Kent Wang cufflinks
Express tie (when they were made in the USA)
Allen Edmonds shoes

Sorry, my expression in this "outtake" was just too funny not to share.

Recently got into a rather... spirited debate with some others about the proper place of a leather jacket in a man's wardrobe. Personally, I think they're more versatile than most of the public give them credit for. Beyond a t-shirt and jeans, why not wear them with casual shirts and trousers? It certainly seems unimaginative (to say the least) limiting it only to a Fonzie-like outfit. I'd steer clear of leather sport coats though. Something about them just doesn't look good. What do you think?

Classic. Steve McQueen sporting a simple leather jacket, crew neck sweater, chinos and desert boots.
Not so classic: Despite several modernization attempts, the leather sport coat simply hasn't aged well.


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