April Fools

In case it wasn't obvious enough, April Fools from me. I would never give up some of the things I think look great and make for better fitting clothing. That said, I've actually become a bit more tolerant of other points of view in the last couple years. The way I see it is, as much as I may not like it, slim fit suits are better than no suits at all. And if it causes younger people to know how to dress and adapt that to changing fashions as they go on (eventually the pendulum will swing back and we'll see pleated fronts in the mainstream again), all the better.

Here's what I'm actually wearing today, including a new grenadine garza grossa from The Knottery. I'll do a review on it pretty soon.

Hope everyone had a silly and fun April 1st.


  1. Nice tie. I wish I was able to get in on the pre-order, but I can't afford to be spending money on things like it right now :(

    1. It's nice, but my only complaint is that, for a grenadine, the knot comes up surprisingly smaller than you'd think. Perhaps they made the interlining thinner/softer on purpose? Or maybe the width near where the knot forms is smaller than most ties. Also, I wish the length were a bit shorter.

    2. Interesting. Perhaps it is best I did not then. At 173cm in height, it can be difficult making sure the tie doesn't hang too low.

    3. Yeah, I do wish the ties were more like 55" long.

  2. Someone with a real jobApril 5, 2014 at 11:48 PM

    Did you get the tie for free, busboy?


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