New things from Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth is a company I've watched for a while. They boast one of the best collar selections you can find in an online shirtmaker and a pretty well featured set of fit options.

In the last year they've expanded into other clothing and accessories. Most recently, ready to wear cashmere sweaters have been the focus. Along with that are ready to wear suits and sport coats as well as a selection of ties, pocket squares, jewelry, and scarves. This is a curious development for a company that's been almost exclusively focused on made to measure shirts for the better part of its life.

But going back to shirts, there has been an interesting addition to their rather extensive collar lineup: A hidden button-down shirt. Most examples people think of look a little too '90s, narrow, and lifeless. This one basically looks like a semi-spread collar without the stays (but also without the negatives of doing so).

Doesn't look very dated and eliminates the need for collar stays.

If you take the plunge and try out Proper Cloth for the first time, remember to use my referral link for $10 off your first order.


  1. I'm not usually a fan of the hidden button-down collar, but this one almost works because it lacks the roll. Still, it looks off because the points aren't touching the body. One of the mains reasons why I haven't tried Proper Cloth is because they don't make the exact collar I like. I like a fairly tall moderate spread collar with long points, but not two-button collars. There's nothing in between. I have a big head but not a very long neck.

    1. The President Point or President Spread might be your speed. They're a little taller, but not as tall as the two button collars.


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