Review: UnderFit -- V-Neck

I've had the pleasure of reviewing a few different undershirts on my blog from RibbedTee and jT Invisible Undershirt. Recently, Paul Beck of UnderFit contacted me and asked if I would review his product, since he considers it superior to both those brands. I agreed and received a package of one V-Neck soon afterwards. Besides the kind note included, the packaging is pretty minimalistic with just a bubble envelope over the clear plastic wrapping of the undershirt -- as it should be in my opinion. I believe more clothing brands should use less waste when packaging their products. Anyone can use a fancy box, tonnes of tissue, and lots of plastic wrap to pump up their brand image (and the amount of waste in landfills). What counts is what's inside.

I'll spare my readers the indignity of looking at my pale torso in the undershirt. But if you'll kindly trust my written description, it fits the best of any undershirt I own. And I am not as muscular or defined as the men modelling the undershirts on their website. It feels just right around the sleeves, something I typically have a bit of gap in with other undershirts and t-shirts. The torso and armholes also fit snug enough, not feeling binding or constricting whatsoever. The length sits at the perfect point for tucking into your underwear or leaving out if you prefer. Either way, it hugs the buttocks well and doesn't come untucked. Though the modal fabric includes some stretch (95/5) it is by no means a compression undershirt. I am a pretty slender guy at 6'2 and 190 lbs and most undershirts, even those by RibbedTee and jT Invisible, don't fit quite as well as they could. A side note, I believe it's best to get the same size you usually get for t-shirts and undershirts. According to the size chart, I should actually get L due to my height and weight. I usually wear M, selected that, and feel it worked out for the best here.

The fabric does well at regulating temperature and keeping its original feel wash after wash, dry after dry. Many modal undershirts will unfortunately pill after machine washing and tumble drying, even if the care instructions tell you to do so! Thankfully, this one (like the jT Modal) will not. I felt pretty cool and comfortable throughout nine-hour days at work.

So, the elephant in the room: Price. Considering one of these costs as much as a decent quality printed t-shirt, I don't think $25 is that pricey. Contrary to many menswear enthusiasts, I don't consider underwear "disposable", let alone dress shirts. They should be an investment like any other piece of your wardrobe. Your mileage may vary of course.

The v-neck could use slight improvement. Though promised to not show with two buttons undone, on half of my dress shirts the neck opening comes to just above the third button. I feel jT Invisible achieves this somewhat better, with the opening coming clear below the third button. It will probably not show most of the time and may not be a big concern. The other minor complaint I have is that the seams are not taped on the neck and shoulders. This is a feature I believe should be standard on undershirts and t-shirts, not only for comfort but long term strength.

I rate these undershirts highly. Did I mention they're made in the USA? Like RibbedTee, that's a pretty good selling point. Go get some if they're in your price range, they are well worth it.


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