James Bond inspired...

The suit's style was in turn inspired by the Tom Ford "Regency" Base. It's not exactly the same, but I wasn't expecting it to be. There are still big differences between a $900 suit and a $5000 suit!

Not pictured here is the waistcoat, since it was a little warm for it that day. (Since my post about waistcoats a while back, I've gone back and had it taken in for a cleaner fit.)

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  1. I don't have Instagram, but that suit looks good for $900. Is it fused, half canvas, or full canvas? I'm not the biggest fan of a three button where you can't use the top (kind of superfluous IMO), but it's a nice looking suit. Vents? Pleats?

    1. Thanks. Full canvas, side vents, and darted front trousers -- assuming you meant that and not an action back jacket. Technically you're not meant to fasten the bottom button on a two or three button jacket anyway, so there are already superfluous buttons. It's easier to find a three roll two than a true three button these days, oddly enough.

      Many people only fastened the middle on a three button anyway. Makes it easier if you unbutton your coat for sitting plus it just looks nice, especially if the lapels roll nicely at the top button and buttonhole. Pierce Brosnan's suits as James Bond are a good example of this.

    2. Thanks. Can you get pleats with Idesign? I prefer double forward and a looser fit but everyone's got their thing.

      You have a good point about the buttons. I didn't think about that.

    3. You can get pretty much any combination of forward or reverse pleats imaginable, plus customize how far they are stitched down. I would only ever get single or double forward pleats, I've never found triple, scissor/knife pleats or whatever very attractive. iDesign is one of the most extensive MTM programs I've seen, but sadly you cannot search out who uses them. You just have to come across a retailer who uses their services. The only other downside is they do not carry six button waistcoats for reasons unknown.


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