Black Tie at the Met Gala 2018

Once again, celebrities of every industry attended the Metropolitan Museum of Art's biggest fundraiser of the year. The theme for this year's Met Gala was "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination". But how exactly does one get expressive with a theme when one is also expected to be in eveningwear? In years past, the dress code has been white tie, but it appears as though it has been downgraded to black tie this year. A disappointment to be sure, as I think some inventive things could have been done with full evening dress.

Regardless, let's see what was brought to the menswear table.


Rather than going with the theme, these celebrities played it safe by opting for more traditional black tie attire.

John Boyega tastefully adds colour with a dark burgundy dinner jacket, fit notwithstanding. This getup was made by Michael Kors with shoes from Tod's.

Once again, Bradley Cooper appears to be wearing his go-to brand of Tom Ford.


I respect the ideas here, even if I wouldn't do them myself.

Colin Jost in what looks like a silk blend dinner suit with moiré pattern shawl collar by Dolce & Gabbana.

Andrew Garfield once again looks great in Tom Ford, even if the dinner jacket is a touch bright for my taste.

Forget something?

The "air tie" was surprisingly popular at the Met Gala this year, leaving some looks rather incomplete. If going for a papal aesthetic, they could have at least used a Mandarin collar if not the proper clerical collar.

Chadwick Boseman as sexy pope? Just one of many in the Air Tie Contingent this night.

The tiny wing collar doesn't do anyone favours, even Trevor Noah. Here, he's ditched his usual Zegna in favour of Balmain.

Underwhelming Neckwear

Tom Ford has been showing you all how to do better than this for at least a decade. Stop this nonsense at once!

Stephen Colbert knows better than a necktie. Stephen Colbert has done better than a necktie.

Paul Bettany's tuxedo is just as confusing as his choice of tie.

Simply Weird

These outfits are unclear in what they were attempting to do. They don't go with the theme and don't fall into the good taste of traditional black tie.

I know Cole Sprouse is a bit of a free spirit but... come on. Unsurprisingly, this outfit is by Thom Browne.

Not sure what Idris Elba was going for with this odd-looking Givenchy dinner jacket. This recent trend of collar pins with nothing else misses the point of them -- to prop up a necktie, not replace it completely.

Jumped the Shark

Enough said.

Jared Leto will do as Jared Leto does. This is like shooting fish in a barrel, so I'll let this Gucci abomination speak for itself.

I'll assume the strap on Michael B. Jordan's Off-White suit is a quick release in case he gets claustrophobic.

... where do I even start with Jaden Smith? It may be Louis Vuitton, but that doesn't make it tasteful.

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  1. Looks like Bradley Cooper is the only one I'd take any cues from!

    1. Same here. I like the way he puffed his pocket square. Surprisingly one of the few who wore one at all.

  2. Slight oddness of the colour aside, I quite like Andrew Garfield's outfit. I get the impression he tends not to be one of the worst offenders at these events (faint praise perhaps!).

    1. I also like that his jacket and trousers never leave a triangle of white fabric visible. The same can be seen last year when he was at the Academy Awards.


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