Thick as Thieves

Check out the blog for Thick as Thieves if you have an interest in '60s clothing. Jason's been making made-to-measure suits and sport coats in a "mod" style for some time now and more recently some classy looking cardigan and v-neck cricket/tennis jumpers. Of particular interest is his take on the Ivy League staple three button sack coat; making it rather fitted and narrowing the lapels. The lapels are rolled to the second button as on an any sack coat, but he adds his own stylistic touches with flapped patch pockets and double back vents.

Click here.

By the way, the Thanksgiving meal at Cracker Barrel was surprisingly good... and cost less than it would to make all of it ourselves. How does that work out? It didn't quite have the feeling of the family dinner at home, but nonetheless I had a good time. They kept giving us too many biscuits and cornbread.


  1. Those suits are totally razor sharp. The pointy dress shoes that the closer guy is wearing are red-hot, too!

  2. Indeed! Jason is a sharp dresser. Give his blog a look.


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