The world of online tailoring...

... is quite a tricky one. I think I've found one who will do anything I want, although it wasn't without trial and error.

I'm currently looking to get a suit similar to the one modelled by designer Thom Browne to the left, though the jacket will only be slightly short and the trousers won't be high watered (hitting above the ankle, as he prefers them). I'm finalising some last little tidbits with their representative regarding arm scyes, fit and cut, etc. Hopefully this will turn out okay. The fabric will be most wonderful, having handled it in person. A 10 oz worsted wool in grey that drapes very well.

Yes, the trousers will go to my navel like his. That's where they're supposed to be. I've gotten a little tired of all these hipbone-hugging waistbands on most trousers made today, even supposedly "normal" rise ones. They're not even comfortable! So many kids claim that low rise trousers are comfortable. I don't really see that. They're uncomfortable for me, and I hate having to pull them up all the time since they aren't resting where most people are naturally smallest on their torso. All the jeans I'm buying from now on must have a mid to normal rise. I just... can't wear the jeans I used to anymore without feeling discomfort, having worn proper ones. What will probably get me the most flak is that I think low rise jeans on women are getting a bit stale. It was different, cool at first, but now everyone's doing it. And frankly, it does not look good on everyone. If you even have the slightest bit of love handles (which I don't mind) it accentuates them in a very unflattering way. So, I hate to say this but it seems the low rise jean was designed for rail thin men with 28" waists and very slender women who wear a size 0. Which is fine... as long as you fit into that category. Contrariwise, I can't think of a single person who doesn't look good in "ribcage-grazing" trousers and jeans. Call me insane if you will, but it's true. Those same ectomorphs that are the only ones who can work low rise will look good in them, as well as the guy who wears a 50" jacket size and an even bigger waist. That's why it was around for so long! Do the math, people. Some things will never go out of style for a reason. Some things -- yeck -- do.


  1. AmateisGirl from the Fedora Lounge here...

    Had to comment on your blog because we just had a discussion with my 14-year-old stepson about his baggy jeans. He wears boxers and they frequently show. I told him I didn't want to see his underwear - he thought that boxers were different than underwear, and I, of course disagreed.

    I know that every generation sees the younger generation's fashion as just plain out whacky. But there's a difference to the current fashion style. When I was in high school, about the worst we did was have really big hair, roll up our jeans at the ankles, and wear shoes with no shoelaces. We did NOT expose our stomachs, our underwear, wear shirts that said, "Spoiled rotten" and other assorted nasty comments. It makes me believe that parents of the current generation have a lot more to worry about than our parents did.

  2. EvenOdd from the lounge here.

    I've noticed you're also into the late 50's, early 60's kind of tailoring as well. I don't have any suits besides my two cheap "interview" suits, but I also love the look. I'd love to also get a gray, thin-lapeled suit combined with a thin (but not ridiculously thin) tie. I've got the ties, just need the threads. I look forward to seeing how your suit comes along, as well as anything else you've got up your sleeve.


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