A&F does not age well...

Every once in a while I fly onto my soapbox and chirp excitedly about something important to me. This is one of those times. One of these men is Mike Jeffries, CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch, one of the (unfortunately) most powerful clothing companies in the world. Bet you can't guess who. But, if you guessed that he's the only one not wearing a sport coat to his own store's unveiling, you would be correct. You're not 22 anymore, Mr. Jeffries. Please grow up.


  1. Well, at least he's not wearing a ballcap

    That's the most complimentary thing I can think to say. Sad.

  2. You know what's scary? He hasn't been 22 since 1966.

  3. He looks ridiculously creepy.

  4. He does look rather American, doesn't he. 15 years living out of the States (mostly Tokyo) liberated me from dressing like an American. Unfortunately Abercrombie is now found in Japan and the UK. Still, the young Japanese Tokyo male is more stylish than his American counterpart. Believe it is GQ that features the page with photos of stylishly dressed men from around the world and the Tokyo male is often featured. In addition to the "grinning idiot in flip flops look" another American look I avoid is The Preppy. Not quite sure why as I was once quite The Prep myself but in comparison to the Italian-inspired fashion I prefer, Preppy-ism seems devoid of any sexuality at all. Again, a reflection of the American male. And Preppies seem to age less gracefully than other stylish males or is that because they wear the same silly clothes they wore while the were college boys but now have the face of a mature male ... something else came to mind: in other parts of the world a well-dressed man is considered, well, well-dressed. Here in the States he will be suspected of being gay so there is a good reason why the American male may prefer not to dress well.

  5. Dirk, I've come to the conclusion that you either haven't seen my other posts or you're deliberately trying to rile me up. You're not going to get much sympathy here either way. I and many of my readers happen to like the preppy/trad/Ivy League style and how it looks on a variety of males, young or old. You are welcome to your opinion of course, even if I disagree with it.


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