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I hope everyone had a great holiday break and their new year is going well so far. I'm afraid there hasn't been much to report, but I did recently buy three pairs of Wigwam 625 socks from They espouse the convenience of shopping for underwear in your underwear (though I wouldn't recommend it if you have roommates). The great thing is that they were supposed to be backordered until the 28th, but arrived today instead, ten days earlier! With that and the free shipping, I couldn't recommend them any higher. I have been looking for these socks, the same worn by students in Take Ivy, for a while now. They were recommended to me by a couple of kind gentlemen at the Ask Andy About Clothes Forums. Some say wool is better than cotton for everyday and even athletic wear for two good reasons: 1. More durable. 2. Wick moisture better. My feet don't feel as sweaty as they do with even my thinnest cotton socks. Even though they are listed as white, they look more like cream. It makes them a little more distinctive than all the bleached white athletic socks seen everywhere now. You shouldn't bleach these, or they'll just turn yellow.

Soon I'll be having an interview with David Reeves, the "Modern English Tailor." Check out his website at Stay tuned!


  1. The 625's are great. I never noticed how much better good quality wool socks were until I wore these.
    I just wish they still made the 80%+ wool models. (those are more likely to be the ones worn all those decades ago)
    If Wigwam ever brings those models back, I will not hesitate to buy 10 pairs - the 625/husky models put that much of my faith in them.
    Until then, my search continues.


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