Review: Shurt Clip Adjustable Tailoring Device.

Paul McLendon of Shurt Clip recently sent me a sample of this relatively new product. Does it work as well as it says it does?

Yes and no.

Essentially, it aims to reduce the amount of fullness around your midsection to have a more tailored look to your shirts. It forms the sides of your shirt into a "military tuck," a little trick both the military and civilians alike have been using forever. All good and well, but it doesn't achieve this much better besides holding the folds more securely. The problem is not in the area it does this in -- right at the hem -- but the area above your trouser waistband. I find it blouses away from my midsection a little anyway, just at the sides rather than all around like a regular tuck. However, it does result in a cleaner looking front. My fuller cut shirts tend to bunch around my tie when wearing a coat. It reduces this problem a bit, which is nice.

These suckers are a bit hard to get into place, though. You'll be fumbling with them for a while if you follow their directions. It's actually easier to clip them onto your shirt before putting it on and then adjust as necessary. There are advanced user tips on the website suggesting clipping them onto the back of the shirt rather than the sides. I tried this and while the sides looked nicer, it just bloused in the back instead. It's not a perfect solution -- it won't trim down full cut sleeves or make the armholes any smaller. However, I give the designers kudos for making it unobtrusive and comfortable to wear. I wore it at work for a day and forgot I was using them. They were not visible through my trousers either.

All around, it's an interesting device, but the results are not quite as dramatic as the website photos show. It will result in a cleaner looking shirt front, which is nice for wearing sport coats and suits, but not so great for wearing alone with jeans and khakis. In this case it's better to get your shirts taken in at an alterations tailor. However, it doesn't cost much and might be worth it for those who don't want to spend money trimming down every shirt they own, especially if they gain/lose weight a fair amount.

Price: $9.99 (two pack/one pair) and $11.99 (four pack/two pairs), including shipping.


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