RibbedTee goes "retro"

Looks like a lot of my wishes have been answered in regards to a simple white t-shirt that isn't either loose yet long enough to stay tucked or slim enough yet too short. It seems like you have to choose one or the other with most undershirt brands.

It's a replica of the J.C. Penney Towncraft 50/50 undershirt that was discontinued, but now updated with a longer length to stay tucked. I suppose my assumption that undershirts were all long back then had no basis in reality. Although, it's worth noting that men generally wore their trousers higher prior to the 2000s and the takeover of low rise in EVERYTHING. (It's a ploy to skimp on fabric and not change the price and I'm sticking to that ridiculous conspiracy theory.)

What a rebel!
Naturally, there's a v-neck version available for those who want them. Founder Mikel Schwartz remarks:
The Retro Fit v-necks are very cool because they are deeper than the average v-neck (like the original Towncraft), but not silly deep like those crazy deep v's from American Apparel.
I like him already. (Then again I like anyone who calls out American Apparel on their silly styles.) Regarding my concerns about the 50% cotton, 50% polyester blend and how I wish there was an all-cotton version:
 If anyone knows about undershirts, it's me, and I'm a fanatic when it comes to designing something that is not only super comfortable, but breathable as well. There's nothing worse than wearing an undershirt that makes you feel warm and it's been my goal with the entire RibbedTee line to stay away from designing undershirts that wear warm.
The main reason the Towncraft 50/50 was so popular was because it had a loose knit weave, so not only did it feel amazing on the skin, the weave allowed the undershirt to stretch without the need for lycra, and it breathed really well too.
If we can produce a similar weave in 100% cotton that gets us the same stretch, fit, and breathability, it might make for a good addition to the new Retro Fit undershirt line.
Mikel was generous enough to send a couple in the mail to me, to get my honest opinion. Look for the review here and on the Ask Andy Forums soon.


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