Net Neutrality

Apologies for the distracting popup, but I felt it important to participate in this event today. I usually don't get political here, aside from mentioning politicians' dress sometimes, but this is an issue that's pretty dear to me and many other people.

The internet is a valuable resource. It taught me most everything I know about clothing and the etiquette/history behind it, as well as allowed me to connect with others who hold the same interests. It allows the free exchange of information, unfiltered and unmoderated on any subject you choose. For better or worse, of course, but freedom of speech is one of the tenets that all first world countries uphold. Something that the United States of America is well known for in particular.

The way things are going now, cable companies in the USA would be able to slow down or eliminate your access to certain websites they don't want you to see. Websites like ones that detail their consumer practices so that you can demand accountability. Websites for competing internet service providers. Services from companies that support Net Neutrality, such as Netflix or Google.

That ain't right. You know that, I know that. Most cable companies in the USA water down your connection speed to a fraction of what the average high speed user in Europe gets -- for less per month! Limiting what websites and services you are allowed to access would add insult to injury.

So please, take a few seconds, reload this page, and tell your lawmakers that you want none of these shenanigans. You would be doing me, yourself, and every other internet user a great favour.

Thank you for reading.


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