Ratio Clothing improves sizing, adds more options

Today, Ratio Clothing unveiled Ratio Blueprint; a new way to find your exact shirt sizes and adjust them to your preference. This brings them in line with Proper Cloth's advanced sizing options. (I liked their extensive sizing and collar options, but was disappointed with the department store quality of the shirt for the price.) There are advanced options that one can access, provided you know what you're doing. You can also just input the measurements of a well fitting shirt if you want.

Among the new features that place them above Proper Cloth's options is the ability to lower or raise the second button of your shirt. So if you like the way Ledbury spaces the top two buttons, you can do the same. Contrariwise, if you prefer the way a lot of English makers have the second button close to the top you can also do that. It goes up to one and half inches either way in quarter inch increments. Another nifty advanced feature is adjusting the shoulder slope, for both or just one side.

There should be new collar and cuff options on the website sometime soon, according to Eric. I've discussed these before in the past, so if you know about the "secret" options already it may not be a surprise. Still, I can't wait for them to be readily available without needing to add a bunch of text in the comment box before ordering.

Simple, clean, unfettered. They do a good job of offering lots of size variables without overwhelming visually.


  1. Greetings from Albuquerque. I couldn't quite tell - do you think that Ratio or Proper Cloth shirts are department store quality? Proper Cloth has a much wider selection of fabrics, as well as more pictures and more detailed information about fabrics, such as an estimation of their opacity, thickness, etc. That being said, I ordered an 80s 2-ply pinpoint shirt from each company, and found that I liked the way the Ratio shirt fit a lot better. To be fair, I measured myself for PC and might have messed things up, and the old Ratio system made a lot of guesses/estimations on my behalf. And the fabric from PC was "wrinkle free." I tried on the PC shirt and immediately sent it back for alterations; I tried on the Ratio shirt and wore it the rest of the day.

    1. Proper Cloth. They're made in the same Malaysian factory as just about every middle of the road shirt now. It's basically like a $50 department store shirt, but made to your specs. The quality differences between their older USA made shirts and the Malaysian ones have been noted. I can't seem to find the Style Forum (?) thread now. But it was not too favourable. Namely, the quality of the interlinings and stitching was lower, especially at the side seams. I liked the collar shape on mine which is the President Point but the rest of the shirt didn't particularly thrill me. I never did a writeup on it, but may if enough people are interested.

      Proper Cloth definitely have the advantage in fabric and collar selection as well as the option to make a black tie shirt. But all things considered I'd rather spend my money at Ratio. I used measurements from a well fitting shirt with both, so I cannot comment on Proper Cloth's fit just based on body measurements. But the quality still doesn't compare. Ratio Clothing's shirts are made in the same factory that Brooks Brothers uses for their USA-made shirts and I believe Proper Cloth used to be as well.

      You live in "The ABQ", eh? Good to know I'm not alone here as a man who cares about their appearance. :)

  2. This doesn't have anything to do with the above post, but I saw a comment you made on the Facebook page of Dragon Inside. I was wondering - have you ever had them make you a suit? I just got one from them in the mail today and was a little disappointed.

    1. The fabrics seem pretty nice, but my review suit is coming in some time next week. If you have a problem let them know.


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