Ratio Clothing Denver Show Room

If you're lucky enough to live in or near Denver, Ratio Clothing (who is headquartered there) just opened up a show room. You can get a personal fitting and see all the collar and cuff styles in person, but what's pretty neat is that there is no obligation to buy -- they're just that confident. For good reason, in my good experience.

I'm not sure if they'd be able to show off any of the "secret" options, but it certainly wouldn't hurt asking about them. Just a few I have discovered (they may be capable of other things, so email them or ask in person):
  • Forward point collar
  • Club collar
  • Tab collar
  • Long roll button-down collar (reviewed here)
  • Heighten collar band 1/4"
  • Non-fused interlining
  • Back button on either default or long roll button-down collar styles
  • Rounded French cuffs
  • Flap patch pocket
  • Locker loop
I'd personally love to see the option for a "popover" (tunic) style shirt front, though I've been informed by Eric that's still a ways off if at all. I've grown quite fond of that style since purchasing a Brooks Brothers popover a while back.

Don't forget you can always send them measurements from a well-fitting shirt and have them replicate it, which is a valuable service. In person, they could probably just evaluate the fit of any shirt you come in wearing and make suggestions to improve it. Contrary to common perception in the #menswear world, they don't just make slim fitting shirts.  They are just as capable and comfortable of making a full cut traditional shirt if that is what you prefer or looks best on you.


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