I normally try not to complain too much but can we please, please, PLEASE stop using "curated" as a buzzword for clothing collections? I'm beginning to tire of it because, cutting to the chase here, it sounds obnoxious and completely full of sh*t. I get that the mainstream think it's correct for the selecting of items as part of a collection, but until the last few years I'd never heard of anyone using it to refer to clothing and accessories. Curating is what curators -- people hired by a gallery, museum, archive, or library to oversee its content -- do, not stylists or company shoppers for a fashion brand.

To put it simply, get over yourselves! I no more "curate" my personal clothing purchases than a restaurant owner "curates" the most delicious bakery items from all over town to sell. I remember a similarly pretentious trend years ago to use "artisan" in selling and discussing clothing. Thankfully it didn't last very long, though I still hear and read it a lot in regards to food. (Something this song parodies quite well.)

Now I realize many believe they have to use it to appear hip or knowledgeable, but still wince when clothing companies I otherwise respect (you all know who you are) misappropriate the term just as so many others do. It's nothing personal but... please don't do it?


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