Another DIY clothing company...

... for those who wear suits because they want to. Deckard & Newcastle Custom Fit Tailoring is a new venture by The Cad founders Matt Deckard and Jack Newcastle to bring well made but more affordable suits to the table in the styles we want. Their mission is similar to Thick as Thieves, but keep in mind the prices reflect that they are bespoke and not simply cut from measurements sent in by the customer. This sounds like a good thing, as it ensures better customer satisfaction and more control over the final product by both parties. When asked about pricing, I was quoted anywhere from 800 to 1500 depending on the style, fabric, and whether or not a waistcoat (vest) was included. Certainly more affordable than most quality Italian makers... and that's in the ready to wear market! Only downside is that you must live near or travel to their scheduled places of visit to be measured in person. Their schedule should be up soon. And it wouldn't be Nouveau Vintage without a few pictures...
The Delegate model, clearly inspired by the '60s
The Fixer and the Delegate out on the prowl
The Fixer, a '50s drape model


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