Brooks Brothers Black Fleece for Spring/Summer '08

Like the fall/winter line, not bad, but some of it is too loud for my taste. For example, I think the navy patch pocket jacket (pictured below) would benefit greatly by just removing the red taping from the pockets. Overall though, there's a nice time warp going on. The skirts look like they're from the '50s, and there's spectator shoes and nice white bucks (with LEATHER soles for once). The usual late '50s, early '60s influence from Thom Browne is definitely there in the tailored clothing.

As with anything else from Mr. Browne though, it's still priced way too high for most people. The most affordable thing on the menu is the socks, and they're $35 a pop. I will say that if money were no object, I'd snap up a few of the jackets, trousers, shirts, and ties.

Link to the Black Fleece website:

Also, is it just me or is Thom Browne himself letting up on his image a little bit? Here he is, with trousers and jacket sleeves a bit longer and apparently wearing white socks. His shirt doesn't look very rumpled, either. Is this a good thing? I think so. His clothes would probably sell much better if he presents them in a slightly more conservative fashion. Most of the nitpicks come from people criticising the "purposely short and shrunken" silhouette. Strange, as Browne himself has said that everything comes unhemmed since that's not for everyone. Ah well. Still funny that his boyfriend (I assume so -- correct me if I'm wrong) is a little more extreme looking than he is in this shot.


  1. I really dig that top picture of the checked grey suit. It's light for spring, jazzed up with some color in it. The dark stitched button holes and lapel hole look nice, and I like the top unused button hole. The club collar adds the casualness to it as well. It's sharp casual.

  2. Indeed. I also really like the mother of pearl buttons he uses. Some choice of suits with horn buttons would have been nice, though.

    By the way, the "top unused hole" you refer to is nothing new, it's been a feature of Brooks Brothers suits (and subsequently other brands) for decades now if I remember right. Most people I've talked to online refer to it as "three roll two" fastening -- three buttons, with the lapels rolled to the second button. If you look on the Brooks Brothers website, they will call them "three button sack coats." As far as I understand, they don't make a three roll two coat with darts.


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