Best Bang for the Buck at Brooks Brothers

Hope you pardon the unnecessary alliteration. I try not to be overly scathing sometimes, but these jeans are the biggest ripoff I have ever seen. $148 and not even selvage denim? I guess they're relying on the Supima cotton to sell them. Click the picture to see the online catalogue page. On the other hand, I got an oxford cloth button down (or OCBD for the AmTrad crowd) by Brooks Brothers from a rather awesome eBay seller recently and love it. For all the people on Ask Andy who bemoan the lining of the collar, cuffs, and placket, I find it to be just fine in that regard. Hey, at least it isn't fused! The fabric is also nice, though not quite as "bulletproof" as those Mercer swatches I have. Discounted, they're a real bargain. Make sure you get the slim fit if you're a lean guy, however. Even then, you may need the sides taken in and the buttons moved. My only other nitpick is that I wish they had side pleats instead of a centre box pleat in back, but that's just my personal preference. Here's a shot of the unaltered shirt for your perusal. Click it to go to the appropriate product page here as well. Keep a lookout for ones from the eBay seller I linked. ~20USD is not asking a whole lot per shirt.


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