Drizzler Jacket

Drizzler Jacket Thinking about getting the one in navy. I originally wanted stone, but since I'd wear it with khaki chinos it might clash. Any thoughts?


  1. It adorable. Should go great with khakis...

    But what kind of shoes? Hmmm...

    Do you golf? Or just enjoy the fashion of 50's golfers?

  2. Not a golfer, just want a classic zip jacket.

  3. Seems like a good one then. And the price isn't too shabby either. Usually vintage repros are pretty costly...

  4. Wouldn't call it a repro -- Drizzlers, like Baracutas, have been sold for decades but have changed a bit during them.

  5. The more I read about them, the more I realize that, sorry.

    I'm not really that great with vintage MEN'S fashion... understandably... hehe.

  6. All good. It's a very specific niche and even I know that. :P

  7. Go navy. It won't clash with chinos or the occasional gray or black trouser.

  8. The two images of the stone one appear on my monitor as significantly different colors. The one looks uncomfortably close to khaki tan, but the other looks more like a grayish off-white (which is what I expect with "stone") and might be fine with khaki. But obviously the navy would be safer.

    I sort of prefer the baracuta-style pockets, myself.


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